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To display the calling conventions of IsoReader just start the program. You will get the following output:
IsoReader Version

  A command line utility program to extract files from ISO formatted
  CD or DVD images. .NET 2.0 or higher is required.

  ISO-9660 and ISO-13346 (UDF) file systems will be recognised.

Calling conventions:

IsoReader SourceFile [DestinationPath] [Options]

SourceFile:          File name with absolute or relative path of the ISO
                     source file.

DestinationPath:     Destination folder for the extracted files and
                     directories. In this folder a subfolder with the
                     name of the ISO file (but without the .iso extension)
                     will be created. If not specified, this subfolder will
                     be created in the current directory.


-l or -list          The file and directory names are only listed to
                     the command line.

-lic                 Display licensing information.

-p                   Pause at the end until user hits a key.

-? or -h or -help    Display this information.

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